These high resolution images are available for the media to use.

Visitors arrive for a WOMAD festival beside the Coliseum

The former Wimpy cafe®

Public boardwalk between beach villas® Squire and Partners

Artist’s impression of the Crinnis seafront. Artist Richard Carman® Pencil&Ink

Artist’s impression of the Crinnis Masterplan. Artist Richard Carman® Pencil&Ink

Masterplan of Crinnis Shorthorn and the nature reserve on Polgaver Beach® Squire and Partners

Artist’s impression of a section of Crinnis from the sea. Artist Richard Carman® Pencil&Ink

Aerial view of Shorthorn and Polgaver featuring the green roofs on Shorthorn as they would look once built ® Squire and Partners

A packed car park with the Coliseum in background

Artist’s impression of Shorthorn from the sea ® Squire and Partners

Artist’s impression of part of the development on Shorthorn® Squire and Partners

Poster of the resort in its former glory

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