The Community Liaison Group (CLG) was established in 2010 and meets regularly to discuss how the development is progressing. We decided that the most appropriate way to ensure that local views were heard across as wide a cross section as possible would be to invite local representatives from the two parish councils – Carlyon and St Austell Bay – and two town councils – St Austell and St Blaise – as well as the ward members from Carlyon and Tywardreath.


A member of the St Austell Bay Economic Forum and the St Austell Bay Chamber of Commerce plus a representative of a local tourism business also bring their relevant areas of expertise and considerable local knowledge to the table.

The focus of the CLG meetings will be site activities programme updates so members are well informed and can report back to their communities. If you have any queries, your local councillor can raise these at the CLG meetings on your behalf. The most recent minutes of the CLG meetings will be placed on this page under CLG Downloads. The CLG is subject to Terms of Reference

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