Cornwall is the number one holiday destination for visitor satisfaction in the UK. According to Visit Cornwall data, nearly 25% of all employment in Cornwall is supported by tourism.

St Austell is not currently benefitting to the same degree as any other holiday locations in Cornwall. The development will play a crucial role in helping to establish a critical mass of much needed high-quality facilities and contribute to the important regeneration of a mostly unrecognised corner of Cornwall.

Carlyon Beach will be a transformational project which will boost the image of St Austell and help to attract vital new investment to the area, bringing top quality jobs to hundreds of local people. As well as employment, there are many other wide-ranging benefits that will have important impacts including supplier partnerships, visitor spending and skills development.


During the construction phase, 645 temporary construction jobs will be created across a range of skills including carpenters and joiners, roofers, civil engineers, draughtsmen, land surveyors, project managers, electricians, glaziers, plant mechanics, plumbers, plasterers and scaffolders.

Once built, there will be approximately 345 permanent jobs available as well as another 160 additional jobs created in the surrounding district as a result of the project.


Carlyon Beach will be a managed development operating all year-round which means it will employ more full-time staff than many more seasonal-focused resorts.

The positions we’ll be looking to fill include: Managers for retail, sales, bookings, events, IT and HR, plus teams for sports and leisure, marketing, holiday sales, bars and restaurants, landscaping, accounts and front of house.


We will work closely with Cornwall College and the local community to provide a wide range of training programmes which will help to improve the general skills base and create career opportunities at all levels. These will include apprenticeships, vocational courses, NVQs, bespoke programmes and in-house courses. Graduate placements will also be set up along with tailored training programmes to help staff reach their full potential.

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