Pencil & Ink director, Dale Jennings has been involved with the project for the past 10 years and has developed the design for Crinnis.

    “My brief was to create a modern, innovative, year-round Cornish holiday destination that matched the charm and qualities of the best seaside villages,” said Mr Jennings. “This involved creating spaces, forms and views that followed a traditional response to the local climate, learning from the past but looking into the future and improving modern environmental standards.”


    Squire and Partners has focused on Shorthorn Beach. “The Carlyon Bay project is a unique opportunity to create a sustainable residential community which draws on the rich heritage and identity of Cornwall,” said partner Tim Gledstone. “We’re excited to breathe life back into this particular stretch of the Cornish coastline with a collection of homes and leisure amenities which will benefit residents and the wider community. We want the buildings to feel as if they’re born out of the site. We’re creating robust spaces and different environments to embrace inside/outside living that will sit easily with all weather conditions.”


    NLP has led the town planning process for the project since 2005. Nick Thompson, senior director of NLP commented, “This is one of the most interesting and unusual projects we have worked on, involving a wide range of town planning issues. As well as coordinating and managing the hybrid and reserved matters applications, NLP co-ordinated the Environmental Statement and had a major input to the consultation strategy. Our economic analysis shows that this will be a very important investment for Cornwall and reinforce the tourism role of the area. From a heritage perspective the scheme presents a new chapter in the use and building on the beach.”


    LDA Design associate Scott Carroll, said: “We’re genuinely excited by the unique and special nature of this project. As designers, we bring with us a true love of Cornwall, award winning coastal design projects and the skills and experience gained from leading many high profile landscape and ecology driven schemes. Our work has been inspired by Cornwall, the particular qualities of Carlyon Bay and the desire to create a place that people will love to spend time in. The signature palette we’ve identified from the site influences all elements of the scheme and provides a rich and vibrant mix of colours to help reinforce the local identity of the resort.”


    HR Wallingford have been developing the design of the sea defences. HR Wallingford has been involved in the project since just after it was first conceived in the 1990’s. Ian Cruickshank, Engineering Director at Wallingford said, “It has been a pleasure working on such an iconic development. Over the years we have drawn upon a large amount of data collected for the project, computational and physical modelling tools and the skills of our world renowned experts to develop the design through the various design stages. It was really satisfying working closely with the design team integrating all the architectural aspirations and balancing these with the environmental, planning, engineering and construction requirements. The resulting design is robust to meet the regulators modern design standards including allowing for future sea level rise and climate change.”


    MLM has been leading the civil, structural and geo-environmental design of the project since 2003. MLM Consultant and former Director, John Hawkins said, “This has been a particularly interesting project for us with many technical challenges. As well as the usual matter of designing building structures, we have risen to the challenge of the core engineering brief of safeguarding the site against flooding, whilst providing a sea defence and river training solution which looks exciting and aesthetically pleasing. We have enjoyed taking the scheme through a number of conceptual options, the best of which has been developed into a detailed design via a rigorous examination and approvals process. We are really excited about taking the scheme through the next stages to become a unique and desirable place for people to live, work and enjoy their leisure time for many years to come.”


    Andrew Baker, Managing Director of Baker Consultants Ltd and Baker Consultants Marine Ltd. said: “I have been working on this project for over 10 years in collaboration with both the ecologists at Cornwall Council and Cornwall Wildlife Trust. I believe Carlyon Bay to be one of the most ecologically positive developments I have ever worked on. As the son of a Cornishman I am very proud to have been involved in this flagship project. Ecology has been heart of this development since day one, both on land and in the marine environment, and has led the design process. Baker Consultants and our Marine subsidiary provide clients, both in the UK and overseas, with the science based technical advice they need to ensure that schemes minimise their impact upon the natural environment, wherever possible provide environmental enhancement and comply with the extensive law and policy that protects the natural environment.”


    “WWA are providing Project Management, Employers Agent and CDMC services to CEG. To date we have assisted with the delivery of the bat house on Polgaver and the demolition of the Coliseum buildings as well as other site clearance works. We are also assisting with the sea defences works, the detailed design of Shorthorn, cliff stabilisation, entrance works and site utilities.” – Jeremy Dunn, Senior Associate Director

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