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CEG is progressing a revised scheme for Crinnis as part of the overall Carlyon Bay development. The revised scheme for Carlyon Bay is focused on Crinnis, with a new “softer” sea defence in part (similar to the approach approved on Shorthorn) with a hard sea defence to protect access around the promontory, extending to the Sandy River corridor.

The development area will be reduced because the soft sea defences will be located further landward than the hard sea defences, of the planning permission. The revised scheme retains the residential element of the consented scheme (i.e. up to 511 homes) but, due to the smaller developable area, the leisure and commercial space is reduced.

The proposed changes affect Crinnis only and the remainder of the development, on Shorthorn and Polgaver, is unaffected by the revised scheme. As such, the revised scheme for Crinnis has been designed to dovetail with the remainder of the site. Please review the FAQs and complete the polls to provide your feedback on the revised scheme for Crinnis.
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